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02 March - 31 July 2015

Struan Barr is currently in residence at Transmission in order to work on the design of our new website. Struan seeks advice and input from Transmission members as he works on the project. Please email him at this address with your thoughts or to set up a meeting:

Transmission Summer Party

25 July - 25 July 2015

6pm July 25th

Transmission's annual summer party is approaching !

Save the date, it's going to be a m a z i n g

Poloc Cricket Club


As per there will be great music and a bbq and fun and stuff ♥


Johannes Paul Raether: The Witch and The Swarm

16 June - 18 July 2015 Tues-Sat, 11-5

16th June - 18th July 2015

Johannes Paul Raether I The Witch and The Swarm 


Govan Geopathology with the Swarm Being

Free but spaces are limited, more info and booking here                                                                 

The Second Communisate with Protektorama
Standing Stones, Isle of Arran
20-21.6.15 (Summer Solstice), at sunset

Free but spaces are limited, more info and booking here

Transmission are excited to present The Witch And The Swarm, a solo project by Johannes Paul Raether, and his first in Scotland.

Raether lives and works in Berlin, but will bring two personae, or self-described 'figures’, to Glasgow that have been in development over several years: Protektorama, the world healing witch, and the more embryonic Swarm Being.

The Witch And The Swarm is a project in three parts. During normal gallery hours Transmission’s white womb will incubate an installation of devotional fetish-objects, a hoard of post-fordist swag lovingly collated and stitched together from the witches’ past outings. The Witch And The Swarm will also be encountered dribbling out of the mouth of Glasgow's ex-industrial bloodline, the River Clyde - where Johannes will present the Swarm Being - and in the celestial setting of the Isle of Arran's ancient stone circles where we, together with Protektorama, will celebrate the summer solstice.



07 July - 07 July 2015

Victor & Hester

Presented at:

126 Artist-Run Gallery
4 Commerce House
Flood Street
Galway City


Messages| Initially we wanted to describe a process of felting – rubbing wool together – to talk about constraints in material; a rubbed together fabric that is meshed, has resistance, friction, is unformed. Rubbing fingers together reminded us of a sexual politics, and gender politics, and its relationships to labour, to touch, spaces and time of value. Through language, describing a process like this, we thought it might allow other intensities to arise, different moments of intimacy, different annotations or ways of participating that might move out from the text. It might become possible, by tracing out a flow of diffusion, to find a way to articulate the politics of this movement.

Proximity. Texts we sent each other across email and google docs; the original whole could become kind of 'perforated' way beyond the extent of a regular hyper-linked piece, and in an active way; extending across our separate but connected spaces and times. (“you” are not here, “you” are eternally belated to the conversation with you that I am imagining. LB)

Augmented seating bank, replicas of ones reconfigured from a previous iteration in Glasgow.

Perforated PVC over the window

Bags/structure for non-human object

Audio including samples of Bernadette Mayer, Catherine Wagner, Marilyn Waring, -Unknown, Victor & Hester, writings by Abby Cunnane and Emma Balkind

Images by Victor & Hester

ABOUT| Victor & Hester: Victor & Hester is currently formed as a collaborative project between Amelia Bywater and Emma Fitts that takes its shape through the various relationships present in working, conversing and learning with others.

Through working with artists and writers by way of live events and print the project addresses questions surrounding a construction of temporary social spaces, and how to produce and distribute a permeable document of the processes and labour embedded within these experiences.


Programmed in collaboration with Transmission, this exhibition is Primary Resource #3.

PRIMARY RESOURCE #3: In response to the FOOTFALL research 126, has prepared a curatorial brief for a series of collaborations with Artist-Led organisations from Ireland and the UK.

Each organisation’s response to the brief will form one curatorial arc will contribute to a process that can be critically viewed as a whole. In each edition of our Quarterly Magazine this year, Joanne Laws(FOOTFALL researcher) will make continual analysis of ‘Primary Resource’ to review the organisation’s responses, their progression throughout the project and contextualise how they relate to the FOOTFALL research.

Power User

21 May - 21 May 2015

Aideen Doran | Screening and Discussion | 21 May 7 pm |

Power User

Transmission invites you to a screening and discussion for the mind/body/device.

We will be screening Oblomov’s Dream, a short film by Aideen Doran followed by Power User, an artistic and practical commentary on invisible interfaces, diminishing liberties and living in the digital panopticon. We will be discussing ways to reclaim time and energy away from the economy of attention and methods of reclaiming control over our own data through privacy and encryption tools.

Aideen Doran studied at the University of Ulster and the Glasgow School of Art, and now lives and works in Glasgow. Working primarily in video and installation, her practice centres on a rigorous process of research, generating artistic responses to the documents, images and impressions that she encounters, collects and orders. She is currently completing a practice based PhD in Fine Art at Northumbria University, researching the possible values of artistic production in an information economy. Recent exhibitions include Im Bau at Grand Union, Birmingham (2015), After Hours, Platform Arts, Belfast (2015), Eastend Transmissions, The Pipe Factory, Glasgow (2014), Looking for Work at Regina Rex, New York (2014) and Momentous Times at the CCA Derry-Londonderry (2013).

The Psychosculpture: Principles in the Geometry of Three

12 May - 16 May 2015

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    The Psychosculpture: Principles in the Geometry of Three view original

Brendan Michal Heshka, Marianna Lanari, Helen Turner

Tuesday 12th of May 
Workshop with the Transmission committee

Thursday 14th of May – Public Event 
7pm – Forum and evening with the psychosculpture
Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of May 
Open call to local art collectives, organizations, institutions, artist run spaces, etc, to participate in closed workshops/sessions that will address the structural organisation of your group as a communicative constellation.

Psychosculpture is a long-term art practice that adopts the form and technique of psychoanalytic talk-therapy in order to produce works of art. By appropriating psychoanalysis for the purpose of art, rather than science, Psychosculpture creates original knowledge through practice, makes experiments in communication and investigates the creative potential of conflict. At it’s most reduced level Psychosculpture simply seeks to create a forum for asking questions together.


31 March - 25 April 2015

Dreams of Machines

Victor and Hester

Staying In

02 April - 02 April 2015

screening for Victor and Hester's, Dreams of Machines

“...not remembering who they were or why they were doing it”
Alia Syed

Staying In
A screening of films presented by Victor & Hester at Transmission, Glasgow. 
Recital, Stephanie Beroes (1978, USA, 20 mins, 16mm) 
Chameleon, Tanya Mahboob Syed (1990, UK, 4 mins, 16mm)  
Unfolding, Alia Syed (1988, UK, 20 mins, 16mm)

Supported by LUX Scotland, distributed by LUX and Cinenova

Thursday 2 April 2015
7pm – 9pm
Staying In,

…we were interested in ways of contextualising these films with some current thoughts around letter writing, and other forms of correspondence, conversation and chatter. In Chameleon the textures, the closeness and mirroring made us feel disorientated, and we were looking to somehow reorientate ourselves through language, or what might ride the edge of it. We saw the space of the letter in Recital as potentially launching us into an imagined space too. These are initial thoughts... and saw connections here with what you said regarding the conversation between the two women sharing their works. The contrast set up in Chameleon between the interiorities (or tactile languages?) of the woman alone in her home, and the street scene at the end (with the more oblique chatter) was interesting to think about in terms of different forms (and their moments) of communication. Going out, being outside, outsideness. In Unfolding, inside the Laundromat, inside the machine, or inside the storyteller’s constructions, there is something pressing from either side. Outside spaces and repressed surplus energies – we were wanting to think through their positions regarding the need for space, the need to bring into being a language that could stretch out and accommodate something else…
This event is part of the exhibition VH-16-22-7-12-3-22-5 Dreams of Machines, Victor & Hester at Transmission, Glasgow (31 March - 25 April 2015)

Pil and Galia Kollectiv breakfast artist talk

07 March - 07 March 2015 12 noon

Transmission are delighted to announce an artist talk by Pil and Galia Kollectiv this Saturday (breakfast provided, all welcome).

Pil and Galia Kollectiv are London based artists, writers and curators working in collaboration. Their work explores the legacy of the avant-garde in the changing context of creative work and instrumentalised leisure. They are also the directors of artist run project space xero, kline & coma in London.

Pil and Galia Kollectiv have a band called WE, an interrogation of the construction of individuality and collectivity in popular music, who will be playing on Thursday night (06/03/2015) in the Old Hairdressers, along side Hausfrau and Alfred Bellman.

Life Like

27 January - 20 February 2015 Tues - Sat | 11am-5pm

Dora Economou, Sean Edwards, Lauren Hall, Jamie Kane, G. Kung, and Sally Webber

Dora Economou, Sean Edwards, Lauren Hall, Jamie Kane, G. Kung, and Sally Webber