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Call of the Wild

12 December - 20 January 1996

Justin Carter, Caroline Kirsop, Liza May Post, Sarah Tripp, David Zerah and Tobjorn Rodland investigate contemporary attitudes to Nature.

Forget Brown Spot, Save The World

14 November - 02 December 1995

First half of an exchange project with the Toronto based artists' group Brown Spot with work by Michael Buckland, Jill Henderson, Slim Pickings, Marc Streifling and Shannon Wadsworth.

Transmission at La Capella

20 October - 19 November 1995

Iain Kettles, Diane Main, Andrew Miller, Eva Rothschild, Hilary Stirling and Judith Weik exhibit work at La Capella in Barcelona as the first leg of this Transmission exchange.

Art Club 2000

07 October - 04 November 1995

Work by this collaborative group of New York based artists concerned with New York based artist Jackie McAllister. Part of the Fotofeis Festival of Photography.

Map of the Sewer

05 September - 30 September 1995

New work by David Shrigley

In Stereo

11 July - 28 July 1995

New works made for the gallery by four local artists: Jim Lambie, Robert Montgomery, Mary Redmond and James Thornhill.

+ in the basement: screening of new work by Heather Allen.

+ 22/07/95 Taste (Sense and Sensibility): an exhibition of small sculptures by Alan Kane made for the Val d'Oro Restaurant, 12 London Road, Glasgow.

+ 28/07/95 Guitar Amp Action: Transmission kicks off the summer with a crazy punk rock party featuring local bands Hello Skinny, Lungleg, Superstar and Par Cark.


New Rose Hotel

30 May - 24 June 1995

Art and design fusion with woks by Rudolph Fila, Victoria Morton, Julian Opie, Paul Maguire, Su Grierson, Andrew Miller, Allford Hall Moaghan Morris Architects, Stephen Harry, Chris Downs, Ron Arad, Susan Hunter, Philippe Starck, Nigel Prince, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Jonathan Ambrose, Dene Happell, Martin Boyce, Andrew Megaw, Eva Grublinger, Dr Jives, Jonnie Wilkes, Hamish McChlery, Martin Young and Toby Webster.

Chase Me

30 May - 24 June 1995

'Chase Me' brings together three artists - Mark Haddon (Borders of Scotland), Katrin von Maltzahn (Berlin) and Erlend Williamson (London) - whose work deals in different ways with the search for an identity in chaning geographical, social, political and cultural conditions.

Hanne Darboven - Friedrich II, Harburg 1986

21 March - 08 April 1995

Project linked to musical performance.

Kevin Henderson - Weighing from Land

25 February - 21 March 1995

Project linked to musical performance.

Making Out

31 January - 18 February 1995

This exhibition presents the work of nine young artists from European cities: Berlin, Glasgow, London and Paris.

Michel Blazy, Brigid Teehan, Tim Marr, Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan, Rolf Pilarsky & Lisa Ward, Lawrence Harvey and Mark Jones.


Airmail Painting No. 96, Liquid Ashes, and Airmail Painting No. 103, To Return (RTM)

06 December - 21 January 1995

Two large 'Airmal Paintings' sent to Transmission by Eugenio Dittborn from Santiago, Chile.