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For some time now Transmission has offered its membership the opportunity to store slides of their work at the gallery premises.

We now extend this service to our website and welcome new or existing members to avail of this database.

Members can access their page with a username and password and may upload 6 images, including an artist's statement, a bio, and contact details.

The physical archive has in the past been utilised by curators and researchers who visit the gallery and we hope this digital archive offers an even greater potential for visitors to the site who are interested in the artists who are members of Transmission.

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Member Directory A to Z

Tags/Keywords: Abstract, Acrylic, Architecture, Art, Biormorphic, Collage, Colourful, Conceptual, Drawing, Hand made paper, Ink, Internet, Japan, Microscopic, Mixed Media, Objects, Organic forms, Painting, Performance, Sculptor, Sculpture, Site-Specific, Social Media, abstract, acrylic, aluminium, ambient, animation, appropriation, architecture, art, artist books, assemblage, attention, awesome, black, briggait, celebrity, cells, ceramics, chess, cityscapes, collaboration, collage, collagraphy, colour, colourful, conceptual, conceptual comics illustration local art Glasgow textiles textile text psychogeography installation found objects foundart contemporary, concetual, contemporary, contemporary abstract painting, contextual, convention, culture, curator, curatorial, deconstruction, design, detail, dialogue, digital, digital photography, digital-print, dissonant, disturbing, drawing, drypoint, embroidery, empty, environmental art, etching, event, expressionism, fairytale, fetish, figurative, figure, film, formal, gaze, glamour, glasgow, glasgow school of art, glass, guillotine, hello love, history, icecream, illustration, imaginary, influential, ink, installation, intervention, kitsch, knowledge, landscape, live, media, media specific, mediascreen, minimal, mix media, mixed media, mixed media and screenprint, model-making, movement, movies, multi media, narrative, natural, nature, neo-expressionism, newmedia, nice, nice person, nothingness, object, objects, oil painting, old, online, online, entertainment, light industry, mass market, design Sex, death,, organisation, paint, paint painter painting collage drawing, painter, painting, painting photography abstract, paintings, paper, paper cut, pattern, performance, photgraphy, photography, photomontage, poetry, political, pop, pop culture, portraits, print-making, printmaking, projection, public, publications, reflections, representational, research, residency, robevanspaintings, rubber, scacchi, science, sculptor, sculptural, sculpture, sea, semi-abstract, sex, site specific, site-specific,kitsch, situation, sound, soundscape, squirrel, stage persona, subtle, surface, surreal, text, text-based, uncanny, urban, video, video art, video installation, videos, visual art, white, woman, women, woodblock prints, writing, youtube