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Stuart Gurden - The Creative Ordeal

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The Creative Ordeal (Early Reflections with Reverse Gate)

Edition of 300

Produced as part of Stuart Gurden's exhibition at Transmission 03 March - 07 April 2012

Launched at Transmission Gallery January 2013


Available from gallery or to order 978-0956520128
56 pages paperback | £5.00 |

Anthony Iles & Tom Roberts - All Knees And Elbows of Susceptibility & Refusal

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The book All Knees and Elbows of Susceptibility and Refusal began as a discussion between two friends, Anthony Iles and Tom Roberts, about the politics of writing history. Neither are trained historians. They have assembled a critical and necessarily partial picture of the practice of ‘history from below’: historiographical tendencies which sought to uncover the agency of ‘ordinary people’ in challenging capitalism and developing different forms of social organisation. All Knees and Elbows surveys the work of a number of British and international left historians and groups, including Silvia Federici, History Workshop, Eric Hobsbawm, C.L.R James, Peter Linebaugh, Sheila Rowbotham, Jacques Rancière and E.P. Thompson.

“We’ve veered towards the subjects, areas and materials which interest us. These include questions of sources and their uses, working class education and self-education, welfare and the wage, language, historical authenticity and literary inventiveness, and contemporary political instrumentalisations of radical history. The book attests to the importance of reading history critically against the present.”

The book is published by Strickland Distribution, Transmission Gallery and Mute books as part of the series Knowledge is Never Neutral. It was launched with a film screening and discussion event at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow on 24th November 2012.

Available from gallery or to order 978-0-9565201-3-5
paperback 310 pages - also available as ebook | £8.99 |

Transmission - If Mind Were All There Was, Nine Themes on Giuseppe Sacchi

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Conceived by Victor Man, Published by Transmission Gallery and Kaleidoscope Press in conjunction with Man's solo show Lazarus Protocol (September 2011).

With contributions from Maria Fusco, Massimiliano Gioni, Martin Herbert, Francesco Manacorda, Tom Morton, Alessandro Rabottini, Joao Ribas, Torsten Slama and Martin Vincent.

With drawings by Victor Man and Andro Wekua

Transmission members price: £10

** SOLD OUT ** 978-88-97185-09-3
hardback book | £15.00 |

Text Me Faster Dance Company

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Publication to accompany Scottish Solo Show Text Me Faster Dance Company by Shelly Nadashi. Essay by John Calcutt.

Available from gallery or to order ISBN 978-0-9565201-1-1
£5.00 |

Stephan Dillemuth - The Hard Way To Enlightenment

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produced as part of exhibition in 2010

Free. A Limited amount still available
12 pages |

A book by Laura Aldridge

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Laura Aldridge - publication to accompany Scottish Solo Show Cats are not important, 2010 with an essay by Leslie Dick.

Available from gallery or to order ISBN 978-0-9565201-0-4
16 pages | £5.00 |

Richard Wright bag

A bag by Richard Wright

Available from gallery or to order
£8.00 |

Transmission - Bee works

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Bringing together new work by Klaus Weber for his first solo show in Scotland at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow in 2009. This energetic publication records the production of a series of paintings (stretched canvases that have been defecated on by "cleansing" bees) and the subsequent proposal for an action to cause a bee swarm on the statue of Adam Smith in Edinburgh. Serving as a rhetorical "collective hallucination" with regard to Smith's intellectual legacy, Klaus Weber continues to develop fresh and exciting challenges to normative social relations through the historical symbolism of the hive as social metaphor and art as a social strategy. The catalogue includes an essay by Tom Holert.

Available from gallery or to order 978-0-9529002-9-0
40 pages | £18.00 |

Swamp Thing

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Alex Gross - Swamp Thing, Scottish soloshow 2009


Available from gallery or to order 978-0-9529002-8-3
18 | £5.00 |

Kathryn Elkin & Andy Abbott - Moot-Points, Exercises in self-oranisation, discourse and collaboration

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An agenda of events, screenings and commissioned publications
at transmission gallery throughout the month of november 2008.


Dexter Sinister
Emma Hedditch
The Faculty of Invisibility
Islington Mill Art Academy
Kajsa Dalhberg
Olivia Plender
Resonance FM

Free. A Limited amount still available
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