28 King Street
G1 5QP

Transmission (b.1983) is an artist-run organisation that supports and is supported by its membership and surrounding communities in Glasgow and beyond.

Operating in multiple capacities, Transmission works with artists in the production of exhibitions, events, exchanges, residencies and publications. It also shares various resources with its membership in order to facilitate activities outside of its own programming. As the longest standing artist-run space in Glasgow, it houses an archive of materials connected to the activities of the gallery and its membership, whilst remaining active a present-day social hub.

Transmission labours under the banner of autonomy - but is deeply (inter-)dependant on a variety of factors and players that determine the operational parameters of the space and its activities. As a registered charity, it is held together by a combination of state funding, voluntary labour, and the on-going construction of its community. It is constitutionally engrained that all Transmission activities and resources remain free, and that each and every person that works with it receive fair pay, now and forever. It is one of the inherent contradictions of Transmission that whilst dogmatically enforcing fair pay for artists and creative practitioners, it is managed and programmed by a voluntary committee of six people, each of whom joins successively and may serve for a maximum of two years.

Anyone can become a member of Transmission. The membership is currently comprised of around 300 artists and interested parties in Glasgow and further afield. As a whole, it constitutes the collective body that shares, cares, and thinks critically around the programming and functioning of Transmission, forming both the primary audience and users of the space.

Transmission is deeply committed to fostering qualitatively different working conditions for artists. In eschewing the dogma of productivity, performance targets and qualitative evaluations of artistic merit, it strives to nurture the infinite amounts of background work that goes unrepresented and overshadowed by the final, delivered 'product'. Transmission seeks to avoid creating frameworks that directly or indirectly encourage competition or competitiveness and actively discourages artists from performing ever more uncompensated administrative work. It does not have an open call procedure for programming and only accepts brief expressions of interest rather than fully formed proposals.

Transmission was set up in 1983 by graduates from Glasgow School of Art who were dissatisfied with the lack of exhibition spaces and opportunities for young artists in Glasgow. It provided a platform for new artistic practices that where under-represented in the city at the time. More recently Transmission has been looking for ways to redefine the role it already plays within the city, and to open up potential new functions it can perform in order to better utilise it's status, organisational autonomy and relative institutional power.

Become a Member

Transmission's membership body is at the core of the spirit and mission of the organisation.

About the Membership

The membership forms an active community and critical audience around the gallery's activities and management. Currently there are over 300 members living in Glasgow, the UK, and Internationally with varied levels of engagement depending on their interests and location.

Anyone can become a member for an annual fee which may, if preferred, be paid in kind by invigilating during an exhibition or by volunteering in another capacity. Please don't hesitate to contact us with what this in-kind volunteering could be and we will strive to meet everybody's access needs.

Cost of Membership

Membership Type Cost
Regular £20 or pay in kind
Student £10 or pay in kind
Unemployed £10 or pay in kind
International £35 (to cover postage costs)

For legal reasons we must ask that members choose either a full or associate membership: full members are requested to attend Transmission's Annual General Meeting

In addtion to the payment methods listed above, we also offer memberships at no cost for individuals that have experience with the asylum system.


Transmission is run and programmed by a voluntary committee of six people who are accountable for all decisions made. The committee acts on a rolling basis, with each member working for a maximum of two years, after which new committee members are invited through recommendations and nominations.

The following is a list of everyone who has served as a Transmission committee member from 1983 to the present day. The second committee entirely replaced the first but after that the groupings are less defined. Some people stayed for the standard two years (occasionally more), others left after a few months. At times there were only two people on the committee, the standard is now six.

The current Transmission committee is:

  1. Shalmali Shetty
  2. Zoë Charlery
  3. Josie KO
  4. Hannan Jones
  5. Chao-Ying Elizabeth Rao
  6. Clay AD
  7. Anika Ahuja

First Committee (1983 - 1986):

  1. Alastair Magee
  2. Lesley Raeside
  3. John Rogan
  4. Michelle Baucke
  5. Alistair Strachan

Second Committee (1986 - 1988):

  1. Gordon Muir
  2. Malcolm Dickson
  3. Carol Rhodes
  4. Peter Thompson
  5. Simon Brown
  6. Douglas Aubrey

Rolling Committee (1988 - Present):

  1. Douglas Gordon
  2. Alastair Magee
  3. Lesley Raeside
  4. John Rogan
  5. Malcolm Dickson
  6. Carol Rhodes
  7. Douglas Aubrey
  8. Richard Walker
  9. Jayne Taylor
  10. Tommy Lydon
  11. Billy Clark
  12. Karen Strang
  13. Gillian Steel
  14. Scott Paterson
  15. Anne Elliot
  16. David Allen
  17. Christine Borland
  18. Mike Ellen
  19. Pete Gilmour
  20. Euan Sutherland
  21. Anne Vance
  22. Craig Richardson
  23. Claire Barclay
  24. Elsie Mitchell
  25. Roderick Buchanan
  26. Katrina Brown
  27. Jackie Donachie
  28. Martin Boyce
  29. Simon Starling
  30. Kirsty Ogg
  31. Eva Rothschild
  32. Will Bradley
  33. Toby Webster
  34. Tanya Leighton
  35. Judith Welk
  36. Caroline Kirsop
  37. Toby Paterson
  38. Sarah Tripp
  39. Robert Johnston
  40. Ewan Imrie
  41. Julian Kildear
  42. Lucy Skaer
  43. Sophie Macpherson
  44. Rose Thomas
  45. Alan Michael
  46. Frederik Pedersen
  47. Anna McLauchlan
  48. Danny Saunders
  49. Alex Pollard
  50. Clare Stephenson
  51. Lorna Macintyre
  52. Laurence Figgis
  53. Lotte Gertz
  54. Lucy McEachan
  55. Lynn Hynd
  56. Iain Hetherington
  57. Michael Hill Johnston
  58. Michael Stumpf
  59. Cara Tolmie Esq
  60. Morag Keil
  61. Giles Bailey
  62. Laura Aldridge
  63. tim Facey
  64. Victoria Skogsberg
  65. Salomeh Grace
  66. Levi Hanes
  67. Helen Tubridy
  68. Conal McStravick
  69. “JENS” Sssssssssssttttraandberg!!!
  70. Rebecca Wilcox
  71. Tom Varley
  72. Amelia Bywater
  73. Mark BRIGGSY Briggs
  74. Carrie Skinner
  75. Claire and Guiseppe Shallcross and Mistretta
  76. Chris Dyson
  77. Darren Rhymes
  78. Hannes Hellstrom
  79. Emilia Muller-Ginorio
  80. Kari Robertson
  81. John Nicol
  82. Nick Thomas
  83. Gordon Douglas
  84. Jennifer Bailey
  85. Josee Aubin Ouellette
  86. Sophie Pitt
  87. Joe Sloan
  88. Adam Lewis-Jacob
  89. Alex Sarkisian
  90. Winnie Herbstein
  91. andrew black
  92. Camara Taylor
  93. Alberta Whittle
  94. Sophie Mackfall
  95. Nima Sene
  96. Ashanti Sharda Harris
  97. Adam Benmakhlouf
  98. Thulani Rachia
  99. Sophie Mackfall
  100. Elaine Ang
  101. Myriam Mouflih
  102. Katherine Ka Yi Liu
  103. Colm Guo-Lin Peare
  104. Zoë Guthrie
  105. Danny Pagarani
  106. Isabel Barfod
  107. Zoë Charlery
  108. Anika Ahuja
  109. Cat Dunn
  110. Shalmali Shetty
  111. Josie KO
  112. Hannan Jones
  113. Chao-Ying Elizabeth Rao
  114. Clay AD


The days of trekking through wetland and forest had made my body tapped of nearly all energy. My cloak, stuck matt against my back, felt heavy. I was becoming dizzy, which didn’t help with the feeling of being lost. The sweat on my brow was now mixed with that of an oncoming fever. While securing what shelter I could, my eyelids weighed closed. I dreamt a dream, seeing youthful faces in an ether of rancour and delight. Being born is hard. This is hard for me.


Glasgow and beyond

I read about this city once that was built inside some kind of algebraic labyrinth. Its design was said to have inscribed a sigil, which turned the city into a geographic asymptote. The mathematics or engineering I cannot claim to know, but it was said that any attempts to leave or enter the city were impossible, and that no one ever managed to fully arrive nor leave the city behind.


Operating in multiple capacities

It was through these capacities that I found the operation of the gallery to be a shape-shifting and form-finding one. I could only imagine a thing so perfectly misshapen.


the banner of autonom

‘The Banner of Autonomy’ is an arcane artefact. As its’ name suggests, sewn within its fabric is the incantation of autonomy: a removal enchantment, which breaks the spellbinding of the laws and rituals that be. It is a powerful counter spell, if not for the limited duration of its effect and the subsequently required vigilance for sustaining repeated use. The banner, being the vessel for this enchantment, seems to aid against these weaknesses by acting as a symbol of warding, and a form of deterrence. The artefact is intended for the use of a group, but can also adorn an individual.


infinite amounts


background work

These companion texts have been commissioned by Transmission gallery. The gallery has invited an artist to respond to the ‘Info’ section of their website in the form of footnotes or annotations. These written contributions have the lifespan of one year, after which they are replaced by a new set of annotations, written by another artist.

My name is Brandon Cramm. I am an artist, living and working in Glasgow. My written contributions have taken the form of ‘flavour-texts’.

I am using this ‘background work’ annotation, same as the previously commissioned artist, to address the framework of this project, as well as, provide some personal information. I would like initiate, the use of this space to keep a running list of the artists commissioned to write for this project.

Previous Contributors:
Sian Robinson Davies (2015)


directly or indirectly

With complete disregard for intention, some arrows fly straight, others not so much.


expressions of interest

No matter the region, courting rituals always leave oneself feeling a bit vulnerable.


redefine the role it already plays

Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard.


potential new functions it can perform

Absorb Elements, Aid, Alarm (Ritual), Alter Self, Animal Friendship, Arcane Lock, Bane, Barkskin, Beast Bond, Beast Sense (Ritual), Blade Ward, Bless, Blindness/Deafness, Blur, Booming Blade, Branding Smite, Burning Hands, Calm Emotions, Catapult, Charm Person, Cloud of Daggers, Colour Spray, Command, Compelled Duel, Comprehend Languages (Ritual), Continual Flame, Control Flames, Cordon of Arrows, Create Bonfire, Create or Destroy Water, Crown of Madness, Cure Wounds, Dancing Lights, Darkness, Darkvision, Detect Evil and Good, Detect Magic (Ritual), Detect Poison and Disease, Detect Thoughts, Disguise Self, Dissonant Whispers, Divine Favour, Druidcraft, Earth Tremor, Earthbind, Enhance Ability, Enlarge/Reduce, Enthrall, Expeditious Retreat, False Life, Find Familiar (Ritual), Find Traps, Fire Bolt, Flaming Sphere, Fog Cloud, Friends, Frostbite, Gentle Repose (Ritual), Guidance, Guiding Bolt, Gust of Wind, Hail of Thorns, Healing Word, Hellish Rebuke, Heroism, Hex, Hold Person, Hunter’s Mark, Identify (Ritual), Illusory Script (Ritual), Inflict Wounds, Invisibility, Lesser Restoration, Levitate, Light, Locate Animals or Plants (Ritual), Locate Object, Mage Armour, Mage Hand, Magic Mouth (Ritual), Mending, Message, Minor Illusion, Mirror Image, Mold earth, Moonbeam, Pass Without Trace, Phantasmal Force, Poison Spray, Prayer of Healing, Prestidigitation, Protection from Evil and Good, Protection from Poison, Purify Food and Drink (Ritual), Pyrotechnics, Ray of Enfeeblement, Resistance, Rope Trick, Sacred Flame, Sanctuary, Searing Smite, See invisibility, Shape Water, Shield of Faith, Shocking Grasp, Silence (Ritual), Silent Image, Sleep, Spare the Dying, Speak with Animals (Ritual), Spiritual Weapon, Suggestion, Thunderous Smite, Thunderwave, True Strike, Unseen Servant (Ritual), Vicious Mockery, Warding Bond, Warding Wind, Web, Witch Bolt, Wrathful Smite, or Zone of Truth


core of the spirit

From secrets held deep within the temple, it was discovered that even the spirits had spirits. And that, all the way down, there was nothing more or less essential. Everything appeared, and was indeed, equal until following our own divine or mad choosing.

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