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On the 9th of March 2014 I emailled my brother's friend and described a website I was building as "an archive of half built templates and ideas. It's broad and formless, but generally interested in the shared qualities between code (computer) and codification (linguistic) and the early, utopian aspirations of hypertext". A year later I began Transmission site, which was built over 9 months, between March and December 2015. I knew some of the committee members from the Art School - they knew I'd moved to London and was working as a web designer.

I took the project because I thought there was scope to make a self-reflexive website, building on the historical research I'd been doing into hypertext, particularly the visionary figure Theodor Holm Nelson and his cult 'vapourware' project called Xanadu.

As the website started to take form, and I worked more with the gallery's archive I became obsessed with the ideal that a small artist-run space and it's community shared fundamental ethics with the terminal transmission medium of our era - hypertext, and its host - the World Wide Web.